May 17

Catching Up with IPL 2012


It’s been awhile since I update my sports blog. I’ve been busy for some time and also did not have so much interest in sports for the past few months. I missed blogging the opening of IPL 2012 though I watched part of the opening program on TV. It was so much different from the previous IPL opening show, but of course they brought someone who can spice up the IPL 5 opening, it was Katy Perry who sang some of her hit songs though only one song performance was shown on TV.


I was surprised for Sourav Ganguly as a captain of Pune Warriors, but it was the only logical thing to do for Pune since Yuvraj Singh is still recuperating, but what’s more surprising is the loss of leadership trust of Pune management to Sourav when he was replaced by Graeme Smith on the captaincy for one match only to be returned the captain-ship to Dada again after the Warriors still lost on the match. The Warriors was doing well in the beginning of the season but suddenly lost a series of matches that led them to the bottom of the team standings just one place above the last placer, Deccan Chargers. Now Pune Warriors is out of the game just as the Deccan Chargers.

Kolkata Knight Riders is doing well this season, winning most of their matches and placing second in the standings just one place below to Delhi Daredevils. Last season’s champion, Chennai Super Kings is actually lagging behind but all is not lost for the defending champion as they placed 4th currently, just below Mumbai Indians. Royal Challengers Bangalore which was one of the top placers in the early part of the season has lost its winning touch, and may just suffer the fate similar to Kingfisher Airline. It seems that Chris Gayle’s sixes are not enough to bring the RCB on top 4.

Of course, IPL will not be an IPL if there are no sizzling issues of brawls, scams, and suspensions. IPL is hitting not only sports section but entertainment and front page. The front runner is Shah Rukh Khan’s incidents. Although his KKR is doing well, it seems that SRK cannot seem to hide from the spotlight. SRK was caught on camera smoking in the stadium which made an aadmi file a case against him, but of course, he will only be slapped with a 500rupees fine. The recent one is  in the latest KKR-MI match where SRK misbehaved at the stadium security. It’s reported that SRK will be banned from Mumbai Cricket Association due to scuffle. Another nonmatch-related IPL headline is the suspension of 5 IPL players for graft and spot-fixing. The players that are suspended by the BCCI are Shalabh Srivastava, TP Sudhindra, Amit Yadav, Mohnish Mishra, and Abhinav Bali.

IPL is always colorful. Aside from the exciting matches and beautiful cheerleaders, these kinds of stories make the IPL more alive and interesting. Don’t you agree? Well, IPL 2012 season is not yet over, so there’s more to come. Watch for it! 🙂


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