Mar 27

ICC World Cup 2011 Semi Finalists


World Cup 2011 has been good for teams from South Asia. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are all in for the semi-final. After Bangladesh beat England, it has been the last team to enter the semi-finalist. There is now the big chance that the WC final game will be between the neighbor countries, however, another semi-finalist, New Zealand will not allow that to happen.

Semi-final games are interesting with India vs. Pakistan, these two teams have an invisible feud for long time, that the semi-final match on March 30 will be a really must-see. Another is the match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand, I just noticed that these two teams have both two-word name. Anyways, we all know that New Zealand is one hell of a team, so if Sri Lanka would really want to be in the finals, then they must really play hard.

Will the ICC World Cup 2011 be a South Asian teams match?

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