May 08

Pacquaio won against Mosley by decision

Manny Pacquiao v Shane Mosley

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Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao won in a scorecard decision in a  12-round fight against Sugar Shane Mosley and retain his WBO welterweight title in the fight held in MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas.

The highlights of Pacquiao-Mosley match were when Pacquiao knocked down Mosley in the third round, and when in the 10th round, the referee mistakenly ruled that Mosley knocked down Pacquiao even though Mosley had not hit him.

pacquiao-mosley-match-mosley-knock-down pacquiao-mosley-match-pacquaio-knock-down

Pacquiao won 120-108, 120-107, and 119-108 on the scorecards.

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